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Replacing Meat with Protein Shakes

So I was crunching numbers tonight, and I could slash my costs for dinners nearly in half by switching to protein shakes instead of actual steak…I’d be giving up about 150 calories roughly, but I’d also be eliminating roughly 20 grams of fat as well.

(These numbers are based on 12 oz. of top round steak separable lean & fat, trimmed to 0", being replaced by 5 scoops of protein). Is there any reason NOT to do this?

I know that meat has other nutrients in it…but if I could replace them with the other food I eat, then what would the downside of doing this be?

The downside would be the lack of nutrients and fat…

Do you eat beans at all? The dried ones are incredibly cheap if you’re looking to cut your grocery costs.

I feed a family of four on $100 a week, and the crockpot of baked beans I make once a week is the main thing that enables me to do that.

Chicken, eggs are that expensive? You know besides “steaks”, there are other meats and good protein sources.
Buy in bulk and fill up your freezer!

Listen man…

Protein powder is a “supplement,” sometimes falsely referred to as “meal replacements” suggesting that meals may be replaced by protein powders

No. Way.

However, a meal here or there can be exchanged for a protein shake…

BUt honestly, is the only thing you’ll allow for your “dinners” steak? What about, as was mentioned, chicken, fish, pork, eggs, turkey, cottage cheese, etc…

And dude, protein shakes aint gonna do the filling up job

P.S. Different protein sources have different bioavailabilities and digestion rates. Steak, for example, is less bioavailable then Whey protein (if thats what youre using) but has a different amino acid profile and ratio, not to mention a longer digestibility. Casein proteins have less bioavailibility but slower digestibility than whey.

These are things to take into consideration.

Dont eliminate your steaks, explore other sources.

What kind of protein powder do you use, p.s?

If you’re going to do that at least get some Goat Whey Protein, however the best way to get protein is in food like poetikaal said

How much do you spend per week in entertainment?

[quote]SteelyD wrote:
How much do you spend per week in entertainment?[/quote]

Like, say… booze?

forget about steaks

buy big packs of chicken breasts. You can get 10 or 12 breasts for a couple bucks. Good for 6 decent meals.