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Replacing HCG with SERM for Long Term


As it turns out, my insurance is going to stop covering my HCG costs and I'm going to be forced to pay out of pocket. As you all know, it's expensive. I can afford it but would rather not have to pay that few hundred dollars every month or two (I can usually get two month's worth out of one 10,000iu vial at 250iu 2-3 times a week).

I was thinking why not switch to a SERM (chlomid or nolva) for a long term solution? My thoughts were that I could switch in to HCG a few times a year to mitigate the costs somewhat. I know there isn't much information concerning long-term SERM use, but I was just wondering what you guys thought about it.

Refresher: Test cyp 125mg/wk in two doses, HCG 250iu 2-3 doses weekly, AI as needed (over responder). Been on this protocol for ~ 5 years.


As always; I caution against using Clomid because some guys have bad side effects. So Nolvadex might be better. Try 10mg EOD and see how your testes manage on that. You can also do labs for LH/FSH.

hCG can be less costly from a compounding pharmacy and they will probably only offer hCG+B12


Thanks KSMan, I value your input!