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Replacing Fat with Muscle?

Just say for example my BMR was 2000cal and every day I worked,lifted weights plus 1/2 hr cardio burning at total of 1000 cals extra. Therefore in total I am burning 3000cal a day.
If I was to consume 3000 clean cals with a macro ratio 40/40/20 over time,would my body composition become more toned/defined and eventually lose the pot belly? I am lean all over except my belly.I’ve been on keto for 12 weeks (stopped keto 2 weeks ago) and I don’t want to risk losing the muscle that I have gained by continuing keto any further.
Is there such thing as a perfect medium between bulking and cutting?
My body is at the stage where I need to bulk but I still have a potbelly which I need to cut.

Any suggestions guys??