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Replacing Dips - Building the Monolith Template


So im starting it today and dips hurts my shoulders (yes, that sucks)… i know i shouldnt sweat it but im searching for a replacement… i was thinking tricep pushdowns, skullcrushers or tate press… any other idea?


Jim has mentioned that only the first 3 exercises are required. If you can’t do dips, don’t do dips. I don’t want to make a recommendation that would go against the program - but if I were to replace bodyweight dips with anything, it’d be bodyweight pushups. Again, the dips aren’t required, so simply not doing them is an option.


I doubt it makes much if any difference. It’s eating and compex barbell exercise done in a physically challenging manner with enough calories. Push-up should be fine.
Dips hurt my shoulders


Thanks for the help, diamond push ups should work good


I would do what doesn’t hurt and get it looked after.

I’m weird that way


Are you using proper form, with full scapular retraction? Usually when dips hurt people’s shoulders, they’re letting their shoulders come forward out of socket. Try to tuck your shoulder blades into your back pockets when you’re doing them, and there’s no way your shoulders should hurt unless they’re already messed up. The shoulders aren’t involved much at all during dips, but they will hurt if you do them wrong.


Yeah just rotate through a bunch of triceps moves that dont piss off your elbows. Isolation work can actually give better look to your arms also.
These good to throw into the mix:


Thanks everyone for the tips… i did close grip push ups and they felt good but maybe im gonna try an isolation exercise since my grip for bench press is closer than most so it would be more beneficial