Replacing Deadlift With Squat?

Would it be okay to replace deadlifting with powerlifting squats to develop the lower back, hamstring, and glutes. I still can’t seem to get the proper form for deadlifts.

DieselWeasel got the proper form for deadlifts eventually. You can too.

why would you want to limit yourself to one exercise, drop the weight and fix your form

[quote]evansmi wrote:
why would you want to limit yourself to one exercise, drop the weight and fix your form[/quote]

I actually have tried that. My form somehow got worse.

The squat namely the Box squat and GM squat can aid your DL but I wouldnt replace it or dodge something you simply suck at. better to attack it and make it a strenght. It just takes lots of hard work thats half the fun


I agree to work on your form first. I’m not sure how your form could’ve gone worse with lower weights. If its necessary, then I would replace deadlift with squats to prevent an injury. Read up on Eric Cressy’s Mastering the deadlift I,II,III.

Dan John has a great video that discusses squats and DL technique in detail. it’s kinda long (about 50 minutes) but has tons of great info in it…doing the drills he shows really helped me

When I was using more weight what I would tend to do is straigten my legs even before lifting the weight. I guess it was almost like doing a straight-leg deadlift. Then I lowered the weight and I wasn’t doing that anymore, but I was getting sharp pains in my back.

lock out your arm and get your ass lower it helped me get better form on my deads you can’t straighten out your legs starting out if your arms are locked out and your ass is down.

Head up, Chest out, ass low and don’t straighten your legs to early. Deadlift will give you most of your width through the back. Warm up sets with light weight and perfect your form now to stop problems later on.