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Replacing Dbol for Something Else. Any Suggestions? Test/Deca?

Been on a Test/Deca/Dbol cycle, and the Dbols have nearly ran out.

Honestly even though they work well for me and results are good, I always get too much sides with dbol on top of my test, even with strong AI dosages i get hard gyno lumps and acne, growing crazy fast no matter what i do, I only had this happen on dbol so severely, so i wanna replace it with something else.

Now most of you will probably say, just stay with the test/deca, the dbol is fine as just a kickstart, I know, but I am sort of an advanced cycler at this point and would like to continue with an extra compound, what can you recommend to replace dbol with that will still work well for bulking purposes, but doesnt convert to e much.

Thought about going for Tren Ace 70Mg eod added, but not really in the mood to pin that much at the moment.

Thought about Anadrol as well, I have good results with it, but i still get a lot of E sides with that even when done solo, so doesnt seem like a good idea either.

Any suggestions? Var?

How about dbol’s drier, more subtle cousin tbol? Guys seem to swear by the results from tbol and you get to avoid all the e2 sides.

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