Replacing Close Grip Bench for OHP

Hi all,
Which one is more helpful in terms of focusing on bench press? On the condition that either one of these two exercises is done 48hours before testing a 3RM/5RM for flat bench? So if I do OHP or CG Bench on monday, I will be testing my bench on wednesday. I’m currently doing OHP as the main compound assistance exercise for bench and I don’t think it’s smart since I’ve heard that CG bench is the best assistance out there. My upper body lift is centered around Bench Press, with dynamic bench of 20x3 on saturday, OHP atm on monday, and testing a max on wednesday. Do you guys think I should ditch OHP for CG, or does OHP brings something else to the table that CG just can’t provide for the benefit of bench development?

Don’t you dare replace CG …

Do both?

You’ll probably be more “recovered” on Wednesday if you go with the overhead press.

If I were you, I’d alternate your dynamic day either weekly or monthly (ie: month of dynamic, month of volume) between volume close grips and perhaps dynamic close grips.

If your triceps are the weak link, cgbp will help more. If your front delts are weak, ohp will help more.

Figure out your weakness and work on it.

For now, I’d consider my front delts are slightly stronger in terms of ratio for my bench press (68%-70%).

I like both exercises, it’s just I don’t really train OHP right now to improve my bench, even though im supposed to. I try to hit a max every time I OHP but when I do train it as an assistance exercise with 3 sets of 8-12 reps, its much easier to do CG bench than ohp at the same percentage of max. So i’m not sure if the benefit outweights the effort I put in for OHP as opposed to doing CG instead.

Assuming there’s no other options within your program, do the OHP.