Replacing Cardarine (GW501516) with Diabetes Medication?

I know Cardarine is enjoyed for its improvement on endurance, which is something that diabetes meds like metformin or semiglutide don’t improve on, and that’s why I’ve been sticking to it for the last 4 months. And because of its improvement on blood glucose levels as lifting heavy weights on a high calorie diet can make someone who is a type 2 pre-diabetic feel like shit.

However recently I’ve had to take breaks from the cardarine due to liver pain. As this is a “research chemical” that was abandoned by GlaxoSmithKline (despite having billions of $$$ in potential for diabetes and weight management), I figured its probably time to just switch to a standard diabetes medication like metformin, even though they don’t directly improve endurance.

Has anyone else here made similar decisions? When you switched to diabetes meds, did you feel the same effects as cardarine metabolically?