Replacing Calcium D Glucarate with Anastrozole

Hi, I am 41 and have been on TRT for a year. My latest labs, drawn Sept. 29, are as follows:

Test Tot:694
free Test:15.7
Free T3:3.24
Free T4:1.200

I was on Test Cyp 60mgx2 weekly for this draw. My NP(yeah) has given me the okay to bump up to 80mgx2 weekly as I have been feeling less than perfect. I know that is my E2 talking, but she has been trying to regulate that with 250mg calcium D glucarate 2x daily. I have been around 35 for every draw. She is awesome and knowledgeable, but is hesitant to prescribe the AI that I know I need. I ordered from a research lab and am ditching the calcium and moving to 1mg anastrozole spread out over the week.

I have been storing fat around my lower belly and back, but am lean and vascular. I am showing the signs of that E2. I am ready to feel energized again.

By the way, those sweet thyroid levels are courtesy of Armour thyroid 60mg daily. If anyone is currently on a thyroid medication and is curious about how effective dessicated thyroid is, it is great. And way cheaper.

This is my first contact. Nice to meet you all. I am open to any suggestions.

You’ll see a nice bump to you free T levels as well. I would start with .5mg/week, My E2 crashes with anything above .15mg/week but then again we’re all different.

Can you go over your thyroid history and in more detail how thyroid meds made you feel? I am curious to hear more about that journey.

Thank you, I will try that. Worst case scenario, I adjust for something that is already high. Not looking to fix a crash. Regarding my thyroid history, I will post my starting levels a little later. My Wife is out and she is our record keeper.

Without that info handy right now I am comfortable saying my overall sense of well being changed dramatically, and I was only sub clinical. I would recommend to anyone who reads this that if all of your levels are great and you haven’t had your thyroid levels checked-do it this week.
I will gather that info and post it today.

Okay, my thyroid levels before Armour thyroid 60mg were as follows:

TSH : 1.72
Free T3 : 4.1
Free T4 : 1.59

These were drawn 12/13/11. I was around 200 lbs with some fatigue and a general feeling that my overall health didn’t match my diet and exercise regimen.
Regarding my opening post, does anyone else have much experience with Calcium D Glucarate, and were you successful ?

Thanks for the info.

I never used it but from what I’ve seen on the boards OTC stuff only goes so far. Perhaps it has helped you keep it at 35. Maybe could’ve been worse without it. I think you’ll need the real deal to get to low-mid 20s.

Yeah, I agree. Again I am ready to feel great again. And I plan on following your advice when it comes. I had never ordered from a research pharm before. Hope I don’t end up with three eyes.