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Replacements for Absolute Failure

I’m using a Poliquin 12 week program to increase maximal strength–it’s designed for arms, but can carry over to other parts obviously. However, one cycle in it calls for lifting 6-8 to absolute failure. I train alone, and obviously, this is not safe without using dumbbells or a spotter. Since I want to incorporate this for legs as well, is there a good replacement for absolute failure? Does it matter if I back off early in the set? Thanks, in advance.

I assume you don’t have access to a power rack?

Actually, I do, but the program calls for help with the concentric portion of the lift for a rep or two to get to absolute failure. So, there’s the rub. Of course, your observation does point out I should probably just do it without that element, which makes too much sense for my old brain :smile:

No worries…Im probably in the same boat since im no spring chicken either.:+1: