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Replacement Title for a Old Stupid Post

Replacement post for a old stupid post

There’s not much catabolism going on in one single day of being under maintenance (even severely so).

Anyway, it’s normal to look bloated and stuff after a big meal, especially if a lot of food volume was consumed. Visibly putting on fat some hours after a single meal really doesn’t seem to be a thing.

More often than not, it’s better to divide the calories for the day into more meals, rather than consuming a single massive one, at least for the fact that eating an almost 2,000-calorie meal is impractical for most. Still, there’s no way you are putting on fat if you’re 750 calories under maintenance.

in the short term you went over your calories, but in the long term you’re still in a deficit.

You’re fine.

Is this something that you want to do for awhile or are you really just stressing about being bloated after one meal…?

You won’t get fat from just one huge meal.
You won’t turn into Mr Olympia after one high volume gym sesh.
You won’t get aids from screwing just one African hooker.

One of these things is actually possible. Pretty sure it’s the Mr. Olympia one.

Food is not religion. You haven’t sinned. You’re okay.

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