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Replacement Therapy Newb. Low Dose Nandrolone?

Name: Aaron
Age: 30
Height: 188cm
Weight: 106kg

Formal education: year 12. Studying diploma of health science and diploma of nutrition and exercise

Medical professional?: doctor google

Years on TRT: 0

Years training: 15

Current protocol: unsure

Total and free T: total 17.4 / free 312 / SHBG 43

Tell us something about yourself and your knowledge level:
Bit of a variety, my expertise is in boxing and martial arts for 12 years, training teaching and competing regularly.
I also do a mixture of body building and hypertrophy with strength and endurance training, also for 15ish years.

I’m currently enquiring about trt with an intergrative doctor.
The suggested protocol is a cream, but i also want to run a low dose of nandrolone for therapeutic benefits. Not sure if it’s worth it or if anyone else does something similar?
Regular GP doesn’t think I need any of it and says my levels aren’t low enough but 3 separate specialist men’s health doctors are more than happy to begin treatment.
Looking forward to some positive results and interested to hear others experiences.

A lot of guys have mixed results with transdermal. Application sites have to be rotated due to saturation. Injections are still the best.

Nandrolone products can cause erection issues with some men.

Most GPs only care about numbers not how you feel or the concept of “optimal”. At your numbers you need TRT.

You don’t know how shitty you feel until you begin to feel better at optimal hormone levels.


I ran cream for about a year. Getting my levels where I needed them to be was not an issue. My doc himself eventually switched to injections though as he did eventually have trouble getting his numbers being where he wanted them. I personally switched because I got tired of applying it, especially when others stated it worked even better applying twice daily. I didn’t like the fact that after applying I then had to worry about swimming, showering, sweating down there and sex after applying and having to worry about washing away or transferring to the wife. Injecting I can inject, do what ever the hell I want right after, and not have to worry about it.


I think injections should be considered the gold standard. Yeah, some are opposed to injecting. They usually get over it quickly. I just use slin pins and they produce very little pain.

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Start with test only first, whatever form you want to try, get dialed in and feeling good. Then look at adding something else.

You’re going to be up and down when you first start and you won’t know what’s causing it if you start with multiple compounds

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Adding units would help since we’re all from different places. Any other values tested?

Along with ranges as well.