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Replacement For Oatmeal?


I've been eating oatmeal every morning for the past 2 years (more or less), and I think my body is done with it. For the past month or so, I've been having digestive problems with oatmeal. It just doesn't seem to be sitting right with me anymore, and I find my self having to take medication just to settle my stomach.

What other breakfast options are there? Something that I could eat on a consistent basis for the long term? Thanks.



I really enjoy low carb tortillas (14 grams of fiber, five carbs), with scrambled eggs, veggies, and cheese.

One of my favorite combos is to mix some spinach and a little cream cheese into my eggs. Roll it in a tortilla and you're golden. Yum! But you can do a million different things to your eggs so you can eat this for a long time without getting sick of it.


Are you absolutely certain it's the oatmeal?
Nothing else has changed like the brand of oatmeal, your water, the milk (if you use it), and other things you mix with it, how it's prepared....how you clean the bowls, old sponges, brushes, new detergent you're using...etc?

Are there any other foods you are having this reaction to?


I swicth daily between sweet taters and oats for breakfast. Good stuff.


Absolutely certain? No. Fairly certain? Yes.

As you suggested, I tried to see if I had changed anything in my diet/routine. Same oatmeal, same water, same microwave, same natty pb. Same method of cleaning. Nothing has changed. My mom is a pediatrician, and I don't really remember what she said, but something about the "solubility" or the absorption of oatmeal might cause an upset stomach.

Sabrina, thanks for the idea, I'll be sure to try it out.


Hmmmm. Well, what about other foods?
(Are you having a protein source with your oatmeal as well?)

You may ultimately be having a problem with the fiber. Or having that much fiber in one sitting.
If you have oats and natural pnut butter, that is indeed a lot of fiber at once....but really shouldn't be messing with you thta much.

But if that's true, about the fiber, then i would think you'd be having this problem with other fibers like veggies, whole grain breads, sweet potatoes...etc.

If you can ingest every other kind of fiber except oatmeal...and this is a recent development, i would keep looking for a contaminant. Get a new container, try a new brand, etc.

Have you gone to a doctor about this besides your mom?


just thought I would jump in here. My husband use to be able to eat oatmeal, then recently any time he eats something with oats, he starts to have allergic reaction, hard to breathe, stomach upset etc, well, he was told that sometimes when you eat something every day, sometimes there can be a day when your body just can tolerate it anymore, and starts to get sensitive to it. doesnt really make sense to me, but that explains why we had a friend who could eat shrimp all he wanted, then all of the sudden he was rushed to er, unable to breathe. just something to maybe talk to your doctor about. we too are still looking for a good subsitute for oats!


I've read about this somewhere, too -- that people can give themselves allergies or intolerances by eating one type of food very frequently. I wish I could tell you more about it, but it's something to consider.


Thanks for responses guys. Yeah, I would say I eat oatmeal as frequently as everyone else on this site, e.g. A LOT. Oatmeal 7 days a week is not uncommon at all.

I might try buying a new container though.