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Replacement for My Current Shake

When Muscle Milk first started getting slapped around on this site, what did you replace it with?
I am pretty sure Muscle Milk is the cause of the unusual and annoying presence of pimples on my upper back.
any good protein shakes you would recommend?

Well, since due to shipping costs it’s not really effective for me, I haven’t tried Metabolic Drive, but I hear it’s pretty amazing.

Make your own. Cheaper and healthier.

If you want a ‘desert-like’ shake… try
1/2 c. Edys Slow churned No sugar added Ice cream (110cal,3g fat (2g sat), 17g carb, 2g fiber, 3g protein)
1/2 c. 2% milk
1 scoop whey
light sprinkle of splenda

i have one here and there and its prob the equivalent to drinking muscle milk

16 ounces fat free milk, half cup frozen strawberries, half cup frozen brocolli, half cup frozen blueberries, one chopped apple with skin, one scoop Greens Plus, one banana. Three scoops Metabolic Drive Complete.

That is my breakfast and I will tell you it gives me more then adequate fuel for my workout and has really helped me in getting leaner over the last year.

So, another words I really like Metabolic Drive.

Take care,