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Replacement for Lying Leg Curls?

I’m trying GVT and I am on the squat day. My gym doesn’t have a lying leg curl machine though, whats a good replacement? I was thinking that any Romanian/stiffleg variation would be a little too much on my back especially after back squats. Any advice?

Is there a sitting one? Glute/ham raises maybe

Put a DB between your feet and lie on a flat bench


Consider doing front squats and RDLs; they can be easier on the lower back vs. back squats.

Or do the RDLs and back squats and develop the lower back strength. In my experience, GVT with back squats and RDLs isn’t too bad.

Or go and buy an ankle strap and do low pulley standing ham curls.

Or follow the advice the other posters have given because it’s all sound advice.

Still leg deadlifts = hamstring rape +

Glute ham raises are a superior alternative to leg curls anyway. I second the front squats + SLDL/RDL I use this combo all the time and it works great. Then I do Back squats and GHR on my other leg day (AGVT).

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What kind of gym doesn’t have any machines to train hamstrings? You can find a leg curl machine at the YMCA…but not his gym?

Looks like it’s time to change gyms.

It sounds like there may be a hamstring machine, but its not a lying one. I always liked the seated hamstring machines better anyway.


I would love to use the seated curl machine, but my gym only has the conventional lying down option.

I got a busted disk, so I now use the GHR as my primary exercise for hamstrings.

They work really well, they’re starting to peak.

I own a Seated Leg Curl machine… and I HATE the damned thing. Never feels right. I should have bought the lying version.

Anyway, I prefer SLDL for hammies.

Romanian deadlifts are the best exercise for the Hamstrings(well from a strength/power and physical standpoint) and from a more aesthetic standpoint, they will create more seperation from the glute-ham tie in area and increase striation in the glutes and upper hamstrings, if your trying to ‘round’ your hamstrings a’la Ronnie Coleman, your best bet is to use a combination of Laying, Seated and Standing Hamstring Curls in the middle-high rep range 12>20 reps per set [including Romanian Deadlifts] If you are unaware of how to perform one, be sure to get instructed by a good trainer as the stress that can be placed on the upper Hamstring’s is very large when performed incorrectly, especially when 100Kg/225lbs is being used for 20 rep sets (a very good goal. By the time you can do this your ‘Hammies’ should be strong, powerful, athletic and very aesthetically pleasing.

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