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Replacement for Hang Clean due to Scaphoid Injury

The title is pretty self explanatory. Suffered a Scaphoid fracture (nonunion. left wrist) about a year and a half ago. Function has returned, doctor has cleared me for lifting. However, the range of motion isn’t there.

Hang cleans make my wrist extremely sore, and I am unable to catch the clean in the deep front squat position.
So 2 questions:

  1. Has anyone suffered a similar injury, and were able to regain their hang clean ability through stretching or other methods?

  2. Are there any suitable replacements for the hang clean, in terms of power development and muscles utilized?

Thanks for the help!

I did not have a scaphoid injury, but I did have a triangular fibrocartilage complex repair, which was on the other side of the wrist (pinky side). I still cannot do barbell curls or chin up on a straight bar due to reduce range of motion in my wrist. However, for some time I could not even do a push-up without pain, but over time I’ve stretched my wrist enough to where I can do heavy front squats and cleans without any problem. So, I was able to regain all of my wrist ROM in the flexion and extension range, but lost a little pronation/supination (still regained a ton though). Not sure if that is specific to my injury over yours… but I would really take the stretching and mobility stuff seriously, as you can regain A LOT of ROM by just taking that real serious on a daily basis. At least that has been my experience.

As far as power moves, if you can’t clean, try doing power snatches. Those are killer and will have a similar training effect. Less weight used, but your exploding that weight over a greater distance. Those shouldn’t bother your wrist, and if they do, get some quality wrist wraps and you should be good to go. Also, you can perform those from the hang as well.

high pulls?

20 characters, bitch

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Speed deadlifts with and without bands anther option

What is your primary goal?
-Unless you’re in something like a football program nothing wrong with dropping cleans entirely

Thanks for the excellent replies!

@Evolv I have been doing power snatches. They don’t bother my wrist at all. As for stretching amd mobility for the wrist, what are some exercises/stretches that worked for you?

@RampantBadger Primary goal is aesthetic/physique, secondary is strength and explosiveness. I’m just a college student, not an athlete anymore.

P.s. Badger? Any affiliation with Wisconsin?

This one for sure, this is the best photo I can find. Also, rotating the hands from supination to pronation. Google “supination and pronation wrist stretches/exercises,” should find plenty there.

Regarding the picture below, this one has been one of the biggest helps for regaining flexibility in my wrist, bicep and chest. Great stretch.

Nope didnt go to Wisconsin

Yeah if not training for a specific sport then stuff like jumps, hill sprints and various med ball throws are more than enough to keep explosive and a good degree of general athleticism

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High pulls would be the first thought. Or dumbbell cleans, since you catch them in a neutral wrist “hammer curl”-type position.