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Replacement for Farmer's Walks



Any recommendations for a replacement for farmer's walks? My gym's DBs go all the way up to 50 lbs, and I live in a city so I have no place to walk around.

Would loading up two barbells really heavily and doing a length of the gym (30 feet) suffice?



You could take two towels and run them through weight plates.


Using barbells works quite well, although you will probably have to use slightly lower weights, due to the balancing issue.


Two pieces of heavy chain about 2 feet long and 2 short pieces of pipe that the chain will fit through and 2 heavy "S" hooks. Thread the chain through some plates and the pipe and start carrying. That towel trick is great for grip strength. Try a softball with an "eye" bolt through it
and carry plates. OUCH>



The barbells work well, but they're definitely tough to walk with. The towels and chains sound like a really good idea.


ive done it with a towel and 2, 25kilo plates. i have pretty decent grip strength and it was pretty shitty to walk 40 yds.

i like the chain and pipe idea. im making one of those this weekend.


Don't you mean only go up to 50lbs? Try the towel and plate set up. It's simple and efficient.


I use some chain, an S-hook and a D-grip handle with a few plates per side. It works well.

That towel idea for grip strength is excellent. Thanks!


Nope. But I forgot to add the tags on either side of "all the way up" so in retrospect, it doesn't work. I thought it would be understood given the context of the question.

Thanks to all for the response - gym: here I come!


Did anybody try the softball with the "eye" bolt yet? I train several girls fastball teams and they do walks around the bases carrying their equipment bag hooked onto a softball. for grip strength. They think it's fun and a different type of challenge. Tonight they get introduced to little (15-20 lb) sandbags.



What about farmers walks at a gym that does not allow farmers walks?


Just tell the gym staff that you were training on the other side of the gym and you're just walking over to that area with the dumbbells! LOL!

Why the hell would they not allow them? It doesn't take much space, and you can walk around people and equipment if needed so you're not in anyone's way.


Hold them over your head and do figure eights. I love this one...it really scorches the shoulders and tris!


The overhead walks are great for shoulder stability. As for the gym, I would try a new gym that does allow them!!! Either that or lie about the walks like posted above!