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Replacement for Deadlift?


I'm returning to bodybuilding after a 6 month hiatus due to job and country circumstances. I started the gym last week and I am currently suffering the wonderful muscle ache that this entails. One thing this has opened up to me is that I can REALLY feel the muscles that I have worked so far. So, here is my predicament, my ass is painful after deadlifting so I now realise that this is what significantly contributed to my dissproportionate ass size, and to be frank I don't want it again. I also seem to store a lot of fat there.

The deadlift was my favourite exercise so I excelled at it, but I want to look good, not like a duck. My back day was as such:

Deadlift 5x4
Weighted Pullups 7x4
Seated Row 5x4
Kroc Rows 10x4
Lower back extension?? 10x4

What would be a good substitute for the deadlift? My new gym has a machine where you pull two horizontal handals towards yourself at around chest height, don't know the name though. How can I work my lower back? What if I did the deadlift last instead of first, would the pre-exhaust avoid ass growth?

Thanks for any help in advance.


If you got a fat ass loose some fat. Otherwise stop worring about your ass.

Haveing said that if you did some kind of barbell row and a good morning or back extension you wont miss the deadlift too much.


I went from 132 to 170 at 5'8 in 1 year with minimal fat gain, so I wouldn't say I was fat. I did put on a bit of fat, but I was bulking so it was within acceptable realms. Bodybuilding is an aesthetic pursuit and I don't want to look bad, it got to the point where people were pointing out my ass.

I have a naturally big ass so I don't want to accentuate it, I'm back down to 160 now and my ass has gone so I want to avoid too much growth there on the way back up.

That said, I love deadlifting, I might just suffer the giant ass. Is there a way I can avoid ass activation? What about Sumo DL'ing?


rack pulls- deadlifts in a rack from about knee height