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Replacement For Cottage Cheese..


I am on a new program that requires a significant amount of cottage cheese (.5 to 1 cup a day) and to be honest, I cant stand this stuff.
I tried to swallow my half cup last night and almost lost it.
Does anyone know a good dietary replacement for low fat cottage cheese?


.5-1 cup a day is not significant really.

But to answer your problem, I like to mix peaches with mine. Yah, it's a couple of carbs, but it makes it good for me. The trade off is worth a couple of carbs. Or mix anything you happen to like with it. Some on here mix it with Grow! and blend the shit. Some make pudding. I've tried neither, but the peaches work for me.


I use pinnapple. the taste of it is stong enought to mask the flavor of the cheese. Do not stop eating it because it is the almighty!!!


I hate to give you the bad news bud...

I hated cottage cheese at first. I wanted to grow muscle, and it's a great source for what I need (protein w/o fat and carbs). Eventually, I got to barely standing it. Then I got to pretty much ignoring it. All I thought of was the calories I'm getting. Now, it's alright.

What's the gist? What's more important, flavor or reaping the benefits of gaining muscle development? I chose muscles and choked it down. Who do you work for? Let that answer dictate your final decision.


Cottage cheese is not the end all be all.

With all of the options available, why would anyone 'choke down' a food they find repulsive. And eating cottage cheese for the calories is a waste. Eating it for the particular protein is however, good--IF you like it or can modify it so.

You can pack on plenty of mass and never touch a curd. Find what you like and work around what you don't.


Exactly, if you don't like it scrap it.


Heres a simple option. Metabolic Drive. Also a casein based quality protein that is Good. Though I myself like cottage cheese.

Or just eat the shit.

Or eat something else, Meat, eggs, etc.

Like said above its good but not the end all be all


It was definatly an acquired taste for me. Try mixing it with Natural Peanut Butter.


I like mine with a few grapes in it or a few almonds or peanuts. Can't stand it alone.


I really hate the taste of cottage cheese.

But when I mix 4 huge tablespoons of it, 1 1/2 scoops of vanilla Metabolic Drive, and a big handful of mixed nuts (walnuts, peanuts, almonds, and some raisins), it is actually one of my favourite things to eat.

Not to mention it takes about 30 seconds to prepare.


Thanks for the advice. Its just a small amount compared to the rest of the crap.
I will just swallow the crap.


man i love cottage cheese. i bet all you guys who hate it like muscle milk eh ?


Why even sweat the cottage cheese? Cut off a giant chunk of cheddar and eat that instead? Or put pepper in the cottage cheese? It's not like it tastes much different than colby jack cheese. It's CHEESE for god's sake, and who doesn't like cheese?


Hey swivel, love the cottage cheese. Fuck muscle milk. Eat real food, and save the MRPs for the road.


I hope you bought a name brand cottage cheese... A few weeks I was thinking about how much of it I buy so I decided to go to the store brand and save a few pennies... Biggest mistake EVER. Stick with Knuedson or Alta Dena.


Good point. I bought a different name brand (same regular price - on sale that week) a while ago and it was horrible! I always wondered why people complained about cottage cheese because I liked it as kid despite hating all other cheese, but I understand if your cottage cheese tastes like that did. (I like it all now.) I guess it doesn't hurt living next to Wisconsin. Kemps is good brand around here.


Brand makes a HUGE difference. Personally I can't stand Knudson but I like Alta Dena quite a bit. I'm not sure how widely distributed it is though. I've tried a half dozen other brands and they've ranged from bad enough that I've thrown them out after one bite to pretty good, with the majority being close to the former. Another thing to keep in mind is that sometimes the batch or container is bad. The stuff can be iffy, but once you find the stuff you like, it can be quite tasty. For the record, I like the Alta Dena Low Fat, with Berkeley Farms (another CA based brand) coming in second.


Man, i love the stuff... just eat up a tub with some veggies when i'm in a rush with a little pesto and walnuts. Lovely.


Why do you need cottage cheese so bad.

A turkey breast has loads of protein and hardly anything else - eat that. (as an example)


Similar to enterthedojo, I often mix it with Metabolic Drive, preferably chocolate. Tastes kind of like cheesecake.