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Replacement For Androsol?

I used to read this site alot about 5 yrs ago, when I was working out hard. I kinda lost track with kids, work, all that good stuff. I’m trying to get back. I gave gained about 20lbs of the bad stuff. I had started working out again a few months ago, and I was looking for Androsol but Biotest doesn’t make it any more. Is their a spray one that I can use in its place? I was using finasol back in the day and was very happy with it. Any suggestions?

All the Andro’s have been banned, so there is nothing like Androsol, or MAG-10 for that matter, available anymore. You can still get Fina tabs, although they are a lot more expensive now, and I believe there are still kits available to make it injectable. You could also go the DMSO route, or just chew the tabs.

In terms of over the counter anabolics, there is nothing currently available that compares to Andro and its successor MAG-10 (IMHO).