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Replacement for Androgen Excellence

I know you are a big follower of poliquin and his biosignature protocols. I was using his androgen excellence and it helped boost my T levels IMMENSLY. Unfortunatly it is now discontinued. I have tried some of his other T- boosting supps and nothing is like androgen excellence, What is a good replacement?

Hey Bro,

Poliquin has some great products! You may not know it, but many of his products are made by other companies… For instance, Metagenics makes Fenuplex, insulinomics, Primal Reds, etc… They just sell them under a different name. The Androgen Excellence is a great product and is also made by a company called XYMOGEN under the name Viriligen. Identical product, Poliquin just uses his name. Compare the ingredients below.

http://www.numedica.com/FreeAccess/ProductDetailPublic.cfm?Fname=X158 - Viriligen - Androgen Excellence

they stopped making viriligen also if I am not mistaken