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Replaced Muscle with Scar Tissue?

I’ve read that when you have a muscle tear, the muscle doesn’t heal with muscle tissue, it just fills the gap with fucking weak scar tissue.

I tore a muscle in the left side of my lower back several years ago (and reinjured it twice). I’ve finally stopped reinjuring it, but nonetheless the left side of my lower back (way down at the hip) still feels different than the right side, and I just know it is holding me back on deadlifts bigtime. Seems like this is because my body repaired the muscle with damn scar tissue.

So is that really how muscle tears work? Are you just stuck with scar tissue there forever? Can’t you ever regrow the muscle like it was? Does this permanently impact your strength?

that’s a real simple approach you may want a biology book for more accurate description, but scar tissue isn’t bad. It’s just tissue for rapid healing, the slow healing process slowly “transforms” it back to the original tissue. Although like trying to fix a bumper on a car it’s probably never the same. Also the younger you are the more likely it is to go towards the original, the older, the longer it takes.

Therapist/short studies/ word of mouth all believe you can break up the scar tissue, kind of like peeling back a scab. So you apply pressure break it up, let it heal, start the cycle back up. Until you are a 100%. The thing to worry about is if scar tissue is causing a misalignment at a joint because of it’s size or lack or inflammation.

It only impacts your strength depending on how quick you are using it and how much is there, if it’s the next day it will be a little weaker. Just like regular tissue it strengthens, you can make it stronger than you ever were.