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Replaced Caffeine with Vitamins, Minerals, and Water

Caffeine is for Pussies

I used to take a ton of caffeine, I hate coffee and tea, but would pop caffeine pills generally between 400mg - 800mg per day. I ended up feeling like crap. It’s been about one year, zero caffeine, I feel amazing. I have replaced caffeine with a ton of vitamins and minerals, my only pre-workout is arginine, citrulline, and BCAA pills. My body has become used to not relying on stimulants, and I feel more alert and energized than ever. In case any of you are wondering, I work in equity research for an investment bank and during earnings season I can work over 100 hours per week running on 4 hours of sleep - no caffeine needed. Give it up, replace with tons of vitamins, minerals, and water - you will fill amazing!

Cool man, good for you for quitting your caffeine pill habit. It was stupid to begin with.

I’ll keep my couple cups of Joe thanks. And no, I’m not a pussy.


I was on the edge of my seat.


very interesting, i don’t know how you are able to do that. i need my couple cups of coffee in the morning and if i don’t take my preworkout (right now mesomorph) then i am ready to fall asleep by the time i get to the gym

Good for you, but popping huge amounts of caffeine pills is not the same as drinking moderate amounts of coffee or tea. There is little debate that drinking coffee has health benefits, but clearly one can go overboard and rely on it too much.

Also, if you are doing this for health (as you seem to be implying) then sleeping 4 hours a night regularly will do far my damage to your longterm (and short term) health compared to drinking a couple of cups of coffee a day.


The 4 hours per night is 2 weeks at a time 4x pee year. It’s just the way the industry is though I agree with your point. My issue with caffeine is that constricting your blood vessels constantly (regular coffee drinkers) is not good for you.

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I used to think the same but you’ll be amazed how your body adapts without it.

I should definitely try to cut out stimulants. My tolerance is way to high.

I’ve been on a similar journey - down to one cup of half caff each morning. What are you taking in terms of vitamins and minerals? How big a factor do you think that plays in the way you feel?

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Did the same, cut caffeine intake to ZERO and i feel so good ! i Wake up fresh and more energic during the day

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Caffeine taken prior to training or a sport is an effective tool for increasing when used correctly… Research has demonstrated that.

The Poison Is In The Dose

Your issue was from taking too much.

It similar to overtraining and not allowing your body to recover.

Caffeine is an effective training tool when it is used the right way.

Kenny Croxdale

Caffeine may help improve cognitive abilities.

I take a ton of stuff -GNC multi, B complex, 5000 IU D, 6g C, fish oil, turmeric, full spectrum mineral caps, ZMA each night, etc. I’m honestly not sure how huge of a difference these have made relative to cutting out the caffeine, but I figure it can’t hurt.

I did that just for you, sugar taint.

Ha…asshole ! But I laughed

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