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Replace Whole Milk with Soy Milk?


Due to severe lactose intolerance, can i replace whole milk with soy milk? thanks guys


I'm also lactose intolerant,
and was using soy milk on a regular basis, however when I started considering GOMAD, I thought I'd better do some research.
EDIT Soy milk contains phytoestrogens, which have weak estrogen-like activity.
Studies have proven END EDIT that if you're only consuming a small amount every day, say, on your breakfast, or in coffee or whatever, then you'll be fine.

EDIT "Mitchell et al., Clinical Science 100(6):613-618, 2001 June"- study done over 2 months giving males the equivelant of of 500mls of soy milk daily, showed that "there were no effects on serum sex hormones, testicular volume, or semen quality"

However, I decided to be safe rather than sorry.
My solution was to buy lactose free milk, it was a little more expensive, but worth it in my opinion.
I also believe that you can buy the enzyme that breaks down lactose in tablet form, I think it's called lactase. You add this to regular milk, and viola, no more lactose!

EDITED- Because I was spewing un-proven facts, pushing my agenda. For this I am truly sorry.


yep, i was doing gomad too and i figured out that the milk i consume all comes out in a slippery brownish mess. yes ive tried lactose free milk too, Harvey Fresh lactose free milk. It tastes like crap and doesnt give much calories. I have one more question. Does 1L/day of soy milk have any effect on my T-levels and Estrogen levels? Ive stopped Gomad now


there's an over the counter medication called Lactaid, which mimics the enzyme like tassietaekwon mentioned.

they also have their own line of lactose-free dairy products from milk to yogurt to ice cream. I suggest this instead of soy milk.


I'm sorry, but soy does not raise your estrogen levels. Not even consuming large amounts will raise them.

When i used to be lactose intolerant, i used to buy Lactrase together with products containing lactose. Lactose free, or lactose low milk works excellent, though a bit expensive.
You could use a little bit of regular milk depending on how severe your intolerance is.

I checked with my doctor to confirm this, also.

Once again, and to answer your last question; 1L/day of soy will not have any effect on your T-levels and/or E-levels.


Thank you guys.
WormwoodTheory: Here in Singapore there is a very limited selection of lactose free milk in supermarkets. The only brand i can find is Harvey Fresh

silkyhorse: I thought so too, cuz 1L is really just too little!


I say some stupid things on the internet sometimes. I edited my post to make it more correct, rather than pushing a biased and perhaps scientifically unfounded view.

I'm sure that drinking a litre a day will not have any ill effects.
I believe most soy milks contain less calories than regular milk, but as you've stopped GOMAD now I suppose you aren't so concerned about getting large amounts of calories in anymore, or that you've found other ways to get them.


Yep. Does this look nice for a replacement?


@tassietaekwon- It's alright. If i didn't read that article in Fighter Magazine i'd probably still believe in the Soy myth myself.

Happy i could be of assistance.


What is that white stuff in the bowl?


Could you perhaps elaborate a little on the "proof" that it will have no ill effect? I mean, I've just been playing of the safe side and consuming lactose free milk, however soy milk is cheaper, and I prefer the taste. Although the extra calories in the milk have been welcome, I'm now trying to cut some body fat, and the drop in calories would be good.

From what I can gather, these phytoestrogens are so weak that you would have to be consuming an impossible amount for it to have any ill effects?

I also read somewhere about it possibly having estrogen-blocking properties, that naturally lower the amount of estrogen in the body?

Also, does anyone have any information on the differences in the way the body would utilize whey/casien protein compared to soy protein? As in, how quickly it's absorbed, how complete it's amino acid profile is, that sort of thing. I'll do some digging around myself, but it obviously would be easier if someone just knew the answer off hand.


Not to sound a conspiracy nut, but I'd be weary of trusting a study that is pro-soy, given that soy is one of the biggest businesses in this country. You can make a study say whatever you want, and those with the $$$ can easily influence the findings of any study.

I'm not saying that study isn't accurate, I'm just saying, particularly when a study is found in favor of such a large industry, we should all tread carefully in accepting it.


Soy lowers your sperm and is also genetically modified, I wouldn't touch the stuff.

Drink plenty of water.


I stay away from soy like it's the plague, unless the actual protein has been isolated and the phytoestrogenic components have been removed.



I completely avoid soy and i do have trouble believing something which would promote corporations.
Unfortunately i can not find my Fighter Magazine and it was a while i quickly skimmed through the article, so i'm afraid i can not be of much help in explaining how it works, but studies have been made and people have been tested, so officially soy does not affect your T and E-levels.

I prefer lactose free milk, or milk products together with Lactrase(Anti lactose pills).
The price is high, but you get to drink milk without having to lock yourself in the bathroom all day.


I've heard that goat milk works well for people with lactose intolerance as well. I'm not lactose intolerant, but I prefer goat milk over cow's milk whenever I can find it (it is indeed hard to find).


Mwebb might be correct here.
Cheese is also acceptable by lactose intolerants, but that may depend on the level of your intolerance.

I could eat cheese and butter. I am unsure about the butter, though.