Replace Front Squats with Zercher Squats?

Hey coach! I always trust your advice in just about everything, I’ve used and loved a few of your programs. My favorite that I ALWAYS go back to is the one in the article “How I added 100 lbs to my deadlift in 2 weeks” or something like that. It’s the best program template ever, just wanted to say thank you first. To the point: I just started incorporating zercher squats into my routine and I was wondering if I could totally replace front squats with zerchers? I hate hate front squats but the zerchers feel awesome. Will I be missing something important if I never front squat again and exclusively do zercher squats? I usually us it as my second or third exercise on my squat days for 3-4 sets of 3-10 reps.

Honestly, if you do Zerchers properly by maintaining an upright torso you will not miss out on anything vs the front squat. The only drawback would be that the Zercher would not work as well to improve your strength on the clean & jerk

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Thanks for the quick reply! And that’s great news, zerchers til I drop!

Zerchers could have more athletic transfer due to core stabilization as well!