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Replace Deadlift with Trap Bar Carry to Train Back?

What do you guys think about replacing the Deadlift with the Trap Bar Carry for building your back. Doing 3 sets of 60 second carries once or twice a week.

Also, what would you consider to be a good strength standard for this lift. I’ve seen dr John Rusin recommend working up to 2x bodyweight for 30 second carries, so maybe for 60 second carries doing 1.5 bw?

What do you guys think. Is this a good exercise for building up the back? It seems it would provide a good heavy stimulus with a lot of time under tension.

I don’t think it makes sense. You are talking about swapping a hip hinge for a carry.


Neither of those are good exercises for training “the back”. Row variations and pulldown variations are.

Walking with double-bodyweight for a while is a good general goal to shoot for.

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Some guys are out there doing it.

Tom is such a freak of nature with an insane work ethic. Really admire his set up and his ability to make anything work for him.

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Trap bar could be a better/more specific replacement.

Pendlay rows or cheat rows could work.

If I didnt powerlift, I wouldnt do deadlifts and prolly just do high volume RDLs instead.

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Row the trap bar instead