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Replace Dbol with What?


Hi guys, I have had a major issue with trying to get Dbol. Every person I have asked that i thought could get it cant get it anymore/right now. I was planning on running my cycle in late April and it is unlikely that I will be able to get Dbol by that time. I was planning to run the following. No, this isnt my first cycle, I have used AAS before but I did it badly and stupidly and I am trying to move up from there.

w1-w4: 30mg Dbol per day
w1-w7: 400mg Test Cyp per week (injecting twice a week, 100mg per 1ml)

I have Arimidex on hand as well as Nolva or Clomid (hopefully, I dont have that yet either but it is looking a lot better then the Dbol).

I am planning on trying to put on 20lb+ over the cycle.

But what do you think would be a good choice if I do have to replace the Dbol?


test proprionate


Dont start til u have everything


More test.


i would personally opt for more cypionate.
You can obviously get that, it's usually a reasonable price and it keeps things simple.

Other than that 'soontobeifbb' suggestions are good.

Also, as GI Joe said, do not begin your cycle until everything is in your hands.

All the best



I agree that I am not going to start till I get everything.

soontobeIFBB, I was under the impression that Proprionate was nearly the same as Cyp. Why should I use it over just using more Cyp?

Testanabol, when you say add more cyp, do you think I should just up the dose I am using over the 7 weeks already stated or if I should just make it 11 weeks of Cyp?


Dbol is like candy its everywhere.

If you cant get dbol then its fairly safe to assume your not going to be able to get anything else either besides mabey winny.

in my experience winny and dbol are the easiest orals to get.

Id go with winny AND more test. Or simply more test if you can get winny.


I'll answer both questions if thats okay.

The prop ester is very short lived, it requires daily or every other day injections. Cyp is a much longer ester, not too de-similar from enanthate, injections every 3 days whilst on will provide stable blood levels though of course the ester is in the system much longer.
What IFBB is saying is that using a daily injection of test prop, 50mg perhaps brings your total count of steroid up, will kick in faster etc.

Since i was away from this place for a while, it seems to have become the thing to be reccomending short cycle, 7-8 weeks. Whilst there are some benefits to doing this, recovery primarily, i am still a firm believer in 10-12 week cycles, i have tried both and the longer cycle wins out for me everytime. So yes, shoot for a 10-12 weeks cycle with your cyp at 500-750mg per week.


cyp is normally dosed at 250mg/ml not 100mg/ml. That will make for large injections...


If it is pharmaceutical it may be 100mg amps. But usually it is dosed higher, you are right. He's in austrailia though, I guess he's lucky he can get anything.


I am still going to be in search of Dbol, but as BONEZ217 said I'm in Aus which makes it very difficult to get anything.

I don't think I will be able to use prop as I am required to be capable at work so I need to keep my injections to a min (I am a bouncer). Hence only using Cyp twice weekly. I am using Testo LA which is Vet use but only 100mg per ml, if I can find some cheaper (like if my girlfriends vet nurse friend comes thru) I will up the dose to 600mg per week for 8-10weeks, but right now its costing me $450 per 10ml! So right now 600mg per week for 10weeks would cost me $2700. I love my country but fuck I hate the price of 'roids over here.

A friend of mine has mentioned that he knows someone who can get a lot of stuff so I will see if he has Dbol, if not I will ask about Tbol and Anadrol. Thanks guys.

p.s. Any more advice on this will be taken appreciatively.


You are a fool. Unless you are absolutely loaded you are making a poor life decision spending that much money on steroids. Unless you are pulling down a 6 figure salary spending that much money just gain 15 pounds seems rather absurd. The reason many people use steroids is because it cheaper when cost/gains ratio is compared to supplements.

It would be cheaper to move out of Austrailia. Yes I understand that it is a personal choice, I am just giving my opinion. Obviously I am a frugal person. Don't feel compelled to give out any financial information but I just hope that $2700 is disposable income.


I'm a little less blunt than my mate Bonez but I've got to agree. That's simply ri-goddman-diculous. Nutrageous even! Fuck the union at that point mate.


As I said it "would cost me", but it looks like I will be able to get it cheaper then that because of my the vet nurse, thats the only reason why I am planning on using it. Then the price would be absolutly hammered down to about $600 for 10 weeks. Dbol is about $250 per 100tabs (10mg), Var is about $450 per 100tabs (10mg). Yeah its fucked up over here, but it is getting better.


Cyp is closer in ester length to Enthanate not Prop.


Yeah, I already figured out that I had mixed the 2 up.