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Repitition Method

I was wondering about this, could i use my max effort exercises with the repitition method also. Kinda like this,
Max Effort Exercises
2 Board Press
cg incline press
floor press

close stance high bar box squat

Then i would do something like this.
Week 1 & 2
Day 1(upper body)
2 board press- 3 RM
seated row- 3x10
dips- 3x10
read delt- 2x10

Day 2(upper body)
dynamic bench- 8x3
cg incline bench- 3x10
chin ups- 3x10
row to neck- 2x10

Then week 3&4
Day 1(Upper)
cg incline press- 3RM
seated row- 3x8
dips- 3x8
rear delt- 3x8

Day 2 (upper)
dynamic bench- 8x3
floor press- 3x10
chin up- 3x8
row to neck- 3x8

So i would do the same thing with the lower body exercises. I would just do the exericses in a rotation and try to beat the 3 rep max for 2 weeks and the 3x10 with a different exercise, then rotate again.
I thought this might help me add mass in the right places, which i really need alot of. Anybody??

A more traditional type westside program can give you mass and strength in the right places - tris, hams, lowerback, traps, etc. if this is what you were talking about. The repition method is basically the method used by bodybuilders. You could use it with max effort movements, in fact DT recomends that as a possibe option I think one out of every four training sessions if you feel that your cns needs an extra break from maxing…I personally think, but I am also new to westside training an no expert, that you’d do better using movements like heavy rack lockouts, close grip board presses for 3-5, dimel dl’s, and other standard ws assist movements with the rep method. It has been very effective for me anyway. You could also use quattro dynamo type scheme for your assist work to help try to maximize strength and hypertrophy in the needed areas…

First off:
What are your goals?

Where do you want to add mass?

A great method a buddy taught me about a year ago on bench was to warm-up to 3X10 at the same weight. Most question this method, because they have to regress to a lighter weight. However, the proof is in the pudding. I could rep 315 pretty good, but it took me a great deal of time to be able to rep 315 for 3X10. Within a year i now can do 315 for 3X15. My chest grew several inches. Once you can handle a weight for 3X10 then move the weight up.

Unfortunately i havent utilized this method on other body parts yet, even though i should be.

good luck with your training…corey

Louie Simmons wrote an article (elitefts.com) on doing the rep method and said every 4-6 weeks. But snippdawg dont forget the assistance exercises are done with the modified rep method. I say do the rep method when you want to take a break from the max work for the main lifts. If you feel good on a certain day and its the 6th week I say go for the max still. Thats my opinion anyway snippdawg. I know youre loving the westside life arent you?