Repition Method question.

I have read where Louie has said that the repetition method can be used for strength or restoration. Restoration being at around 30% 1rm but what is the percentage to use for strength?

Also I want to use this method for the DB press for time as L suggests. Today I did 50lb DB’s for 1 set of 1 min to start out. He also states a slow tempo of 6-10 lifts per minute so I guess something around 604 or 402 tempo.

Does anyone use this method for time?

what louie is talking about here is using the rep method to build muscle in certain areas that help with the competition lifts (upper back, triceps, lats, hammies, low back, pecs, ect)…this what i try to do in my gpp warm up with the low intensity movements for medium to high reps…but true strength is not built using the rep method…it is built using 3 rep max effort work and with your TUFF asseccory work for 3-5 reps ( rack lock outs, stiff leg deads, reverse band dl, high board presses, dumbell presses, good mornings ect)…the rep method at all times really should not tax you…it should always be semi-restorative…with the dumbell presses for time i use them when my pecs or tris are beat up in my gpp warm up the following training sessions…what i do is use the 30 pound bells and go for 3 minutes doing 1 reps every 3 seconds or so…and hold the dumbells in every positiong to really stretch the area and fill it with blood…this topic was talked about today in the q@a at elite fitness…and i feel really strongly about it DONT USE TIME IN YOUR TRAINING TO DO FLUFF ASSECCORY CRAP…use the tuff shit the shit that makes you strong and builds muscle…use 10-15 minutes before your work out to do this easy fluff shit… it will get you wamred up and get you in shape…bm