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Repetitive stress injuries and lifting.HELP!

Big problems here. I’m studying in computer science (I’m trapped) and my wrist and elbows are getting screwed. I feel like a burning sensation in those while working on the cpu and it is getting worst. My hands also become numb at night.I got an appointment with a physician, but I aint gonna meet him before june 18th.Damn nationalized health care.
1-I dont want to become a fucking handicaped person.
2-I cant live without lifting.
IM GETTING FUCKING DEPRESSED. Somebody got some usefull info? I read about ART,but aint sure if have access to this resssource.
Thanks a lot.

Is your pain in both wrists or only one? I sometimes have problems with my right wrist due to my mouse usage (not my “Mighty Mouse”). I got a wrist pad the problem eventually went away. Also, whenever I’m doing heavy pressing movements, I used wrist wraps. Ian King recommends using them for all pressing as well. It doesn’t allow you to lift dangerously heavier nor compensate for a weakness like knee wraps do. It just prevents injury.

If you want to try ART I say go for it. I am in the middle of treatment and I think its unbelievable. You will have to go a few times to get whatever you have fixed but I think its worth it. Go to the activerelease.com and go to “find a provider”. Good luck.

I investigate many claims by employees filing WorkComp claims similar to yours. Some info might help, such as your age, how long have you been typing in such a manner, etc. I suggest trying ART, although I can’t suggest this to employers yet as insurance most likely won’t cover it. Also you may want to invest in a speech recognition software such as Dragon Speaking. Take frequent breaks from the computer and stretch back your fingers from time to time.

Are you on any meds at the time. Some meds cause inflammation in the wrists resulting in carpal tunnel diagnosis.

Keep us posted on your progress

I’ve had the same problem, been codin’ for 10 years now and liftin’ for 5. I got both the wrist rest for the keyboard and the mouse about a year ago and the problems went away. Good luck.

I’m a CS dude too. Try a quality (ie. expensive) wrist pad. Take breaks as often as possible. Do hammer curls and wrist curls to strengthen the muscles in that area. Trust me, it will prevent pain, not cause it. It the pain gets real bad, go get an anti-inflammatory. Advil is great too. Good luck!