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Repetitions With Intensity

After reading Christian Thib’s article on the Perfect Rep., I’ve become really paranoid with my intensity in the gym.

Although, I may be big, and, a relatively low BF%, I find that my lifts are not even close to my the actual weight it should be for my weight, I used to not care, heck, I’m doing this solely for bodybuilding and I was completely satisfied with that!

But, for training almost 2 years… and, hoping this could be my transition to seriousness, where everything counts, and, I don’t care about gay shit like hawt abz, I am asking you T-Nation for help

If your wondering, no I do not do grinding reps, but, I really concentrate on my form, especially for deadlifts and squats.

The thing is, even at 80% load (vs. 1RM) in that Perfect Rep video, those lifters were lifting pretty fast still. As for me, I feel as if I’m going at half that speed when I’m benching.

So, I need some help on how to really pump those reps fast, any tips, and, with many people mentioning how I concentrate too much on form, please give me advise on intensity rather than things which placate basic physical issues (ie: too much weight, form)…