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Repetition Day WS4SB2

I started the westside for skinny bastards 2 program as detailed by coach DeFranco.

I am wondering whether anyone has a template for a repetition lower body day. I want to alternate weeks between jumping exercises and repetition exercises so if anyone has anything I would really appreciate it.

I am training for football BTW. I am going to try to walk on to Uconn football in 2008. Right now my stats are
age: 18
height: 5’9.5"
weight: 186
Bench Press Max: 230
185 Bench Press Test: 7 reps
Squat Max: 335
never tested deadlift.

Thanks in advance for the input guys

I think you would be far better served by alternating days of jumping (dynamic effort) and a max effort movement, especially for lower body. Increasing your max strength is paramount right now. I don’t think Joe D. advocates a repetition day for lower body very often.

He has written about “speed-skater” split squats, and 50-rep rhythm squats, although the latter is used as a “peaking” movement before a vertical jump test. Both of these exercises could, in theory, be used as a repetition effort movement, as they are conducive to high-reps and are multi-jointed, closed-chain movements.

Where in DeFranco literature are you seeing a RE lower body day described?

Exactly the RE work prtty much comes from more sport specific drills etc the weight room for lower is heavy
if your are foregoing the drills, sled work, plyos, spints i could see an RE day then your talking more westside


He just wrote something about this on elitfts.

Of course, you probably should be training for football, ie. speed/agility work and running for endurance.

Anyway, here it is:


Ok thanks guys. Unfortunately I am kind of new to the whole working out thing. I am a big kid and I probably should work out more than I do but I am going to the University of Connecticut this year and I want to try to walk on to the football team.

When I saw Joe’s site about Deon Anderson and those combine guys it really lit a fire under my ass. I sm kinds worried about burning out so I am gonna take it kinda slow at the beginning and hopefully I will make the team and then have the same coaches Deon had to get training info from plus Joe will always be close.