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Repeating Phase 2 because the Weight Moved Slow

Hey all,

Ive just finished phase 2 of my 2nd cycle. I managed to complete all my week 6 workouts in 45mins. However, for all my top sets (for wk 6), the weight moved slower than I expected them to.

On my previous cycle, for phase 3, I hit 12 reps for my AMRAP sets on wk3 (5/3/1 wk). Thus, the top set for phase 2 wk 6 of this cycle shouldn’t feel too heavy. I was expecting them to be at RPE 8, but they felt like a RPE 9 - 9.5 .

So now I have a dilemma between a few options:

  1. Redo phase 2
  2. Increase my TM and go ahead with phase 3
  3. Stick with my current TM and do phase 3

I am leaning towards option 1 as I don’t feel Im ready enough to take on phase 3 and hit good numbers. But there’s also a part of me that feels that Im just overthinking.

What should I do?


You are.

You don’t need to plug an RTS tag on every PR set you do. Just leave a couple reps left in the tank. Some days you will feel terrible, some days you will feel good. Some days you will smash PRs, some days getting to the gym will feel like its all you can manage.

Why not? You just said you hit your last 1+ set for 12. If you can do 95% of your TM for at least 5 reps you are good to increase your TM.