Repeating Get Jacked Fast, Changing Cardio?

HI coach
Just finishing up your get jacked fast programme with great results . After a week off from dieting i would like to re-run it again , should I

  1. stay with the 30sec on/30sec off intervals or go back to the 15sec/45sec that’s programmed in for the first phase?

  2. could track or Hill sprints replace the elliptical interval portion?

  3. should i go back down in time for treadmill walking or keep the same as week 12?
    Thankyou for your help

If you want to redo the program start from the beginning, just try to go harder on the intense portion of the intervals

Yes, but I’d reduce the volume. They have a larger neurological impact

Go back down but use a higher incline

Thank you very much for the quick response .
Would track resisted sprints be OK instead of elliptical or are they to demanding ?

They are even more demanding than regular sprints