Repeating a Day of Training

today was a chest day at the gym, i got through my incline warm ups, working sets, incline flies, then my right shoulder started to feel “off” e.g. discomfort, not at 100%. I started flat presses, 3 working sets, did 1 set of declines and quit because of the shoulder.

i trained arms instead.

(provided the shoulder is good) Question, is it counter productive to revisit chest tomorrow since my workout was incomplete today? Should i wait 48hrs and hit it if my shoulder is good? if shoulder is good hit it tomorrow? (or) wait until i cycle through to chest day again?

advice please. it’s frustrating when you cannot hammer a workout as intensely as you’d like to.

If you hurt your shoulder last time why not just give it some extra rest.

It is fustrating, but what’s even more fustrating is when you train through pain and don’t let things heal and as a result have to take weeks or months off.

Good job on not shrugging it off, but don’t push your luck. You may be experiencing something more then a little ‘off’ if you do.

If I were you, I’d just carry on with the rest of the week as normal and be mindful of the shoulder. Possibly even do a few exercises for joint health which are never a waste of time.

thanks for the advice, i’ll rest those areas, leg day today instead.

it’s crazy how you mentally prepare for certain days. my mind is saying “shit, legs today, i was expecting something else!”

by the time i reach the gym i’ll be fired up for legs.