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Repeat Calf Injury On Other Leg

So this morning I managed to repeat an interesting feat. Two months ago (or so) I was pushing a sled with a decent amount of weight on it when my right calf made this horrible tearing noise (the guy standing a couple feet away thought I had torn my shoe). It took about 4 weeks to get back up to snuff and 6 weeks to really be healed. There had been a knot in the muscle in that area that apparently is no longer there. Since then, I’ve had to cut a couple of sled sessions short because there was a good bit of tightness in my left leg in that same area (about halfway up and a bit to the inside). I chalked up the first injury to not spending sufficient time warming up and stretching.

This morning, I was going into another sled session and spent a good bit of time stretching and foam rolling to try to get everything in optimal shape before starting. The sled wasn’t even my first exercise using that muscle. However, on my first trip pulling with the sled, I got about 20-ft in and almost the exact same thing happened with my left leg. It doesn’t seem as bad as my right side was, but it’s just a bit weird that the same thing happened. In the meantime, I’ve got it wrapped for compression and will do ice and elevation as well as resting it until it’s back up to training condition.

Has anyone else ever had something like this happen? It’s just curious.

I know it’s super studly to be up on your toes like an athletic sprinter, but you may need to develop a “Heel, Toe” style for this stuff.

This will allow you to use more “hip drive” and less “knee extension.”

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I’ll be honest, me and sprinter probably don’t belong in the same sentence. That being said, I haven’t spent much thought on foot mechanics, but it might be a good place to spend a little bit of time thinking. I just remember coaching from high school football sleds being to stay on your tows, but that was a long time ago when I was much more limber.