Repeat Arimidex Question

A few days ago “Dr Chaos” posted a question regarding a doctor’s advice concerning the use of Arimidex, which advice contradicted all of the recent information in T-Mag. This doctor said that Arimidex would not have the effect required and that it had many problems. Unfortunately, no-one responded.

I’m fascinated to know why the doc thought this.

Brock, I see that you’re back with us. Welcome back. Can you or anyone else throw some light on this previous posting please?

I tried to find the other post, but alas. I wonder what problems the doc thought it had. Of course, it may depend on the dosage used. My fiance has used Arimidex for a good nine months without incident other than his estradiol level dropped from 87 to 16! His doctor in Santa Monica, Karlis Ullis, M.D., decreased the dose at that point to half a tab 6 days a week done around his weekly test cypionate injection. He said that as Jim continues to use Arimidex, he may be able to drop the dose further. Possibly the doctor didn’t monitor his patients properly. Frankly, I agree, I’d like to know what the reason was, too. But there are always naysayers out there. As far as J is concerned, it’s a wonder drug and there are others of it’s ilk being developed which should help bring the astronomical price down. Actually, as far as I can tell, that’s the biggest problem!

Thanks for responding, Rosemary.

The original post was entitled “Doctor said Arimidex is wrong” by dr.chaos (no space) on 29 Nov. Interestingly, the author suggests that the doctor in question is someone well known to T-Mag readers.

I hope that someone will be able to clarify this issue for us.