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Repairing the damage of soy filled diet

What’s up t-nation?! This is my first post. Long story short I have been a vegetarian for 15 years and so I’m a little scared about the whole soy thing that T-mag brought to our attention. Bottom line I need to get optimum sexual performance out of this body of mine. I don’t care if it sounds shallow, but it’s hard to consider yourself much of a man if you can’t F a girl’s brains out when she’s beggin’ for it (Yes, this has happened to me. Only twice, with the same girl. But there have been numerous other times when I could not maintain an erection during sex.) I’m not afraid to post this because I’m sure a lot of guys go through this. I have started on a cycle of Tribex and M. But, I just read about Hi-Tech’s Stamina RX on this forum. And, I’m very curious about that (cycling, breaks between cycles & side effects). I’m 33-years-old and have a lot of catching up to do sex-wise. Plus, I need to undo the damage done to my t-levels by all of the soy I’ve been ingesting for over 15 years. I know vegetarianism isn’t popular with the t-scene, but if there are any vegetarians (lacto-ovo) out there I would appreciate your feedback. The last thing I need to hear is, “eat a burger.” Plus, is there a relationship between adequate levels of protein and sexual performance. I’ve read all of the back-issue articles I could find and thought the next step would be to post.

No idea if soy is doing that. If you’re a lacto-ovo, you certainly don’t have to eat soy to get adequete protein.

Give the Tribex a chance to work before you go adding anything else to it. You can stay on Tribex more or less indefinitely if you take it on weekdays and cycle off on weekends.