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Repairing an Ankle

Not sure, where to have put this, but this topic looked as good as any.

Ok so my girlfriends little brother used to be hot shit at baseball, but one day he went to field a line drive over second and rolled his ankle. He ripped/tore just about everything in there and was on crutches for a month. He now has to wear an air brace every time he runs or is going to be walking for a long distance. It has been over a year now since his injury and he ankle still gives out and causes him a lot of pain. Any suggestions for something he can do to keep it from giving out?

I ask because last night it gave out and he fell down the stairs.

To make something else clear, I’m not just asking because he looked like an idiot tumbling head over heals down the stairs. He started coming to the gym with me, and I don’t want him doing too much weight on squat, deadlift, ect until it gets better. The air brace and lace-up brace haven’t been much help.

i went through the same thing when i was a sophomore in high school. i jumped up for a rebound, came down on someones foot, and ripped my ankle to shreds. i was un crutches, and i could not do anything without an air-cast for months. after the ankle healed it would give out on me in the same manner, and i had to always wear a brace.

i went to a few different trainers to ask what to do to solve the problem. heres the problem: ankle braces do not do anything to fix your ankle, they just provide stability (obviously). the problem occurs, because you become accostomed to having this extra support, and your ankle becomes dependant.

heres what he needs to do:
1.) go to a sporting goods store and purchase an elastic band (similar to a bunger cord). sit down and rest the leg on a chair, take the elastic band and use it to provide resistance while rotating your foot and pushing on the band, in a slow, controlled fashion.

2.) stand on only the injured leg, with the other leg bent at the knee. pretend he is on standing in the middle of a clock, keep your leg straight, and bend over to touch each number on the “clock”, rising after each touch. count 2-3 seconds going down, and 2-3 seconds going up. it may not be easy, or even possible at first.

3.) do not run, squat, or do anything too strenuous until he has built up a decent level of stability and strength in the ankle. if he does not solve the problem now, he will be certain to have reinjuries down the line.

Hey great advice, thanks!!

Any other ideas? Would a joint support supplement be of any use?

I have horrible ankles as well.
The advice about providing resistance from a rubber-band type device is good stuff. It helps. The stretching is good too.

Also, as means to help it regain stability, I would recommend spending a little time on the BOSU/sissle. After doing that though, I would still wear braces as protection