Repairing a Bicep Tear 5+ Years Later?

A couple years ago(5-6 years). i rupture my left bicep while i was boxing hitting a heavy bag. Initially it was painful but after a day or so it didnt really bother me. at the time i was broke and could pay for the surgery to get it fixed. luckily im now in a much better position and can get the proper surgery. ive been trying to train arms and the injury is really affecting me. i cant supinate my hand all the way, the left arm is extremely weaker than the right(roughly 50-60 percemt weaker id say), and i get no contraction on my left bicep.

has anyone heard of getting a bicep repaired years later after the intially injjury?

That’s a better question for your Dr.

With that said If the surgery is delayed for a long period of time (18 months or more), then an anatomical repair may not be possible . The tendon retracts too far and then gets bound down in scar tissue. In chronic cases of this type, the surgeon performs reconstructive surgery.

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