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Repair Time While On......

This may seem like i’m stating the obvious…

Just want to get some feed back about repair times while on cycle, all you guys out there ever get to the point while in mid cycle that you feel like your repairing too quickly?

I don’t know if it’s the brand of T that I got but I have never experienced anything like this on previous.

I can train heavy one day, and the next feel like I haven’t done a thing!? even 3 days after when I would usually expect the “soreness” to set in a little from a heavy session - i’m not getting any! either my synthesis rate is so high i’m repairing that fast or my Test is the best stuff on the planet? or both!

Any of you out there experience anything like this?

Test has an attribute of blocking pain, the higher the dose the more pain blocking. After a heavy session I can feel it, but I don’t have any DOMS and could train 6 days in a row, the recovery factor, although I don’t think that is smart on or off. Also, you have to be aware of injuries, if not, you will be when you come off. Good luck…

Obviously, it all depends on the intensity of the work-outs, but I’ve always gotten that feeling. I hit 2 synergetic bodyparts twice a week, hard. Even following that, I still feel like I’m slacking because I feel no soreness, no pain.

Personally, I wouldn’t work the same bodypart more than twice a week if you’re hitting it hard.

Oh yeah. Take advantage of it and make hay while the sun is shining. I up my workout frequency and intensity while on.