Rep/Sets For Speed-Strength

What is the best rep/set scheme for working on speed strength and plyometrics??

There is no “best”. There’s so many different ways to do it. Try to be a little more specific.

How would you train jump squats and box jumps…etc…

That’s still way to general.

As a guideline… go higher on the sets and lower on the reps. Plenty of rest.

Would it be similar as doing a dynamic lifts?

Generally, although depending on the exercise you may want more or less volume.

As very general and vague recommendations I have seen it reccommended at 40-50 total jumps (this is for depth jumps and drops) for beginning athletes over a week and 80-120 for advanced athletes over a week.

There’s tons of ways to do it, people have had a lot of success doing complex-training where heavy lifts are alternated with plyometrics.

Here’s an example of that (this is from the CT article: “Power Continuum II”, look it up because it has some good info):

A1. Front squat
3-5 reps at 80-85%
2 minutes before A2

A2. Speed squat (with bands if available)
3 reps at 45-55%
2 minutes before A3

A3. Jump squat
10 reps at 20-30% of max squat
2 minutes before A4

A4. Depth jumps
10 reps
3 minutes before starting a new circuit

He recommends doing 2-5 circuits depending on preparedness.