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Rep & Sets for Explosive Exercises

What are some rep/sets that work best for explosive exercises witht the wts.  I'm a tennis/bball player looking for increased power.  Right now I'm working very hard on increasing my strength & haven't done ANY explosive type of training in over 10 months.

I have been exploding amap on the postive part of the lift, but now as my strength base has improved I’m close to performing some more explosive types of movements. Those being jump squats, 1/4 jump squats, push press, jerk press & the db snatch. Thank you.

Keep your reps low, and keep your bar speed up. If the bar slows down, you’re using too much weight or using too many reps. You can use moderately short rest periods too, 45-75 seconds. I like 3 reps for upper body work, 2 reps for lower (Prilepin?).

just keep reps below about 5. EXplosive stuff, as with plyos and speed work, should be done with enough rest. Since you haven’t done much of this for a while, start slow. good luck.

How much do you weigh and what are your maxes? If you play sports THAT much your better off with just Max Strength/Lifting speed workouts rather than Jump squats and jerk presses.

Jump squat workouts inbetween sessions of basketball and tennis is asking for seriuos knee problems. Not to mention what jerk presses will do for a shoulder thats already lax from playing tennis.

You would be better off posting how often you play your sports for fun and season, your routine and there weights then asking your question.

Power Jerks/ Power Snatch would be a solid choice imo.

2-3reps as you start x 3-5sets. 2mins recovery.



^^^Prilepin’s chart^^^