Rep/ Set Ranges for Conditioning?

I’m getting conflicting reports on rep/set ranges.

I always stuck with the standard 4 x 8/ 3 x 8-10 and for power went to 4x5.

Of late I’ve changed my ranges to incorperate a mix of different styles in my work outs rather than the same all the way through?

Example: (not actual workout)
Chest Press 4x8
Incline Drop Set
Lat Pull Pyramid set
Rows 4x8

Some are saying, "no your body needs consistant ranges; others say for a rugby athlete this is good for all over conditioning.


I think it is good to do different rep ranges/sets for different exercises for variety and to keep your body adapting. Your body doesn’t really need consistent ranges (meaning, the exact same sets/reps every workout), it will adapt to whatever you throw at it.

As far as conditioning, many people here use the term to refer to cardiovascular fitness, but I think you mean to indicate general physical preparedness for rugby. That set-up seems fine for upper body for rugby.