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Rep Schemes Help

I’m looking for a bit of advice about my current workout rep schemes… as it stands, I do an upper/lower split with 4 workouts a week. Each upper workout has 3 ‘‘pull’’/ biceps exercises and 3 ‘‘push’’/triceps exercises. My question is though, which of the two following layouts is best?

  1. Pulls at 3x12reps and Push at 4x8 in workout ‘a’. Then reversed for workout ‘b’ (pulls at 4x8reps and pushes at 3x12).

  2. EVERYTHING at 3x12reps for workout ‘a’, and EVERYTHING at 4x8reps for workout ‘b’.

Thanks in advance!

It honestly will make fuck all difference…i don’t understand why people still put up the number of reps they will do…how do you know?