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Rep Scheme?

How long should I work out heavy with low reps before I switch to goin light high reps? Or should I go heavy one day and light the next and just keep alternating.

I read the article about it in the training logs, but I was still uncertain about it. But I do understand that I cant go heavy all the time or light all the time.

How long have you been training? You may want to forego going below 5 reps if you haven’t been training for a year or so yet. If you’re just starting out, connective tissue needs to adapt before you go all-out (advanced lifters need to pay attention to connective tissue specifically at certain times, too).

If you’ve been at it a while, it really all depends on your goals. What are you trying to do?


Ive been lifting for a year and a half and I would like to obtain a 300lb bench and a 500lb squat. Right now my maxes are 275lb bench and about a 425lb squat.

Thanks for the help

And yea I am weak but Ill get It. Just give me time.

Goals: 300lb bench
500lb Squat

Right Now Maxes are:275lb Bench
about a 425lb Squat

And I have been lifting for about a year and a half.

Thanks for the help.

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