Rep Scheme?

Anyone know the best rep scheme to build size along with some strength?


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if you figure it out, let us know

Whats your bodyweight and height?


[quote]IrishMarc wrote:
3 x get the fuck off the internet and lift some fucking weights. [/quote]


Yes. The best rep scheme to build size and strength, is to do about 8 weeks of building size, followed by about 8 weeks of doing strength. Mixing goals doesn’t work as well as alternating them. Plus, you will undoubtedly gain some strength if you are gaining mass. And you will not lose mass when you switch to a program targeting strength.

There are a lot smarter people around here than me as far as training, but most of them will just flick you shit. So unfortunately, you might have to settle for my advice.

OVERALL RULE: Always work on form. Never cheat yourself. If you can lift more because you allow form to break down, you are not really progressing. For bench press, deadlift, and squat (or any other big lift), get on YouTube and research good form. Make sure you listen to experts and not the countless noobs there, but you must learn how to do these exercises right or you will injure youreslf and fail to grow.

  1. Do hypertrophy work first. Figure out your 1RM for every exercise that you do, and base your weight and reps on a percentage of your 1RM.

For hypertrophy, do 4 sets with progressively fewer reps and more weight, as follows:
Set 1: 12 reps x 70% of 1RM
Set 2: 10 reps x 74% of 1RM
Set 3: 8 reps x 78% of 1RM
Set 4: 6 (or max) reps x 84% of 1RM

It’s not rocket science, and you won’t be able to hit these percentages exactly. Don’t worry about that. If you can’t complete the number of reps in the plan, that’s fine. It means you are pushing to your limits. If it’s too easy, you’ll cover that by doing max reps on the last set.

Adjust the weight each week:

  • If you don’t come close to hitting the goal, reduce the weight the following week.
  • If you miss the goal by a little, leave the weight the same.
  • If you barely make the goal, increase the weight by 5% the following week.
  • If you blow your goal out of the water, increase by 10%.

You should make serious gains in strength and size doing this for 8 weeks if you are a beginner. (And if you weren’t a beginner, you probably wouldn’t have asked, so I won’t go on…)

  1. After the full 8 weeks of that, deload… Do the same exercises, but just do a couple of sets at 50% of 1RM. Your body needs a break, though it will be a bit of a shock if you don’t keep the muscles working a little.

  2. When the hypertrophy and deload cycle is complete, switch to Strength training. For this goal, do:
    Set 1-3: 6 reps x 84% of 1RM
    Set 4: Max reps x 84% of 1RM

  3. Deload again.

  4. Rinse and repeat (or throw another goal in, like gaining power or cutting fat for the next 8 weeks, etc.).

Regardless of goal, include some form of Bench Press, Squat, and Dead Lift every week. Seperate the Squatt from the Deadlift by at least 3 days. (I do Squat on Monday, Bench Press on Tuesday, and Deadlift on Thursday)

Watch this video: ☆ How to Bench Press ☆ Get a Big Chest, Add Muscle All Without Wrecking Your Shoulders - YouTube
Read this article: Strength Training, Bodybuilding & Online Supplement Store - T NATION

Take some “before” pics of yourself. You’ll wish you had them after. Then post the before and after pics here.

Good luck (though luck’s got nothing to do with it).

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1-20 reps

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Ramp up to your 5-7RM for in a given exercise THAT DAY a la CT…Then do as many sets as neccessary while using a little rest time as possible until you have performed 25 total reps a la CW…then on the last set do a drop set a la DC.
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