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Rep Scheme For Growth With Light Weights?



Which repscheme should one be using for max growth when working out with light weights (15-20 RM)?




on vacation - the hotel does only have small weights


im on vacation for 4 weeks and the hotel does only have small weights.


Circuit-style lactate training is superb for conditioning. There also appears evidence this type of activity elicits growth hormone so it’s not all about fat loss, although that will be the main benefit.
Take 4-6 exercises, perferably compound movements, select a weight that allows around 15-20 reps, then do exercises back to back with 60-90s RIs between circuits. Repeat 4-6 times.

Finish with a little low intensity cardio for 15-30 mins and who knows - you could even end up coming back from vacation looking fitter and leaner than before you left!

This style of training will also serve to keep any dietary lapses while on vacation in check so it’s not a bad way to go. You can always pick up on any strength deficit when you resume normal training.

Example hotel circuit:
A1) DB or BB squat or lunge
A2) Pushup
A3) DB or BB Row
A4) DB step-up
A5) Crunch
A6) DB or BB push press


I have been there, on vacation and missing my fix. I try to come up with a pre exhaust superset.
Ex. 1. rear laterals
2. side laterals
3. wide DB upright rows
4. DB MP
DO 10 well controlled reps with no rest between movements, do this until you feel like you have had enough.

Chest - If adjustable or incline bench available, then I would superset incline flys with incline press.
If incline not available , then I would do flat flys then pushups with my feet elevated.
Get the idea, use whatever you have available to make the compound movement harder since your weights are limited. Time, pre exhaust, supersets, starting with smallest bodypart and working up to the largest bodypart and a little creativity will make your vacation not a total stall in your training.
I have had nothing available but dips, chins, and BW split squats available, I just pushed myself with what I had available.


I almost thought this thread was titled ‘Blaspheme For Growth With Light Weights’.


[quote]warsoe wrote:

Which repscheme should one be using for max growth when working out with light weights (15-20 RM)?[/quote]

The obvious rep scheme for low weight would be low reps. Like one or two. Don’t want to push it too much.


Dude, if the weights are too light just lift the heaviest weights possible and lift them as many times as you can.


who stays in a hotel for a month?

if the weights are too light…



When im feeling like a light workout with the pink db’s, i usually do TUT workouts. I shoot for a 4.5-7 second eccentric, and lift the weight in 2-3 seconds. I try to do sets lasting no less than 50 seconds, but not more than 130. And keep the rest breaks short.

If you can go heavy, and have access to blue or even green DB’s then you might be able to do some rest-pause or clusters of 3-3-3.

Seriously though, light weights aren’t gonna do crap for you. Find somewhere to do pullups, do some pushups, and 1-leg squats, lunges, jump squats whatever.

Anything less than 50-60% of your max is for the most part a waste of time