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Rep/Rest Progression

Starting a new workout and looking for feedback. I lift 3 days per week, primarily squat, deadlift, press, bench with some kettlebell swings and loaded carries thrown in for finishers or warmups… depending on how I feel when I walk in. I walk for about an hour to hour and a half on rest days. I don’t like sticking to one thing more than 4-6 weeks, if that long. I’m working on something now where I’m just concentrating on reps per lift (regardless of sets). Started last week with 25, this week at 36, and will eventually go to 50, while trying to shorten rest periods. I don’t change the weight, although I can if I feel really good. Main goal is fat loss, although strength is important. Any thoughts or feedback?

Your training technique sounds fine. But if your main goal is fat loss, your main focus needs to be diet.