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Rep Ranges for Lower Body vs Upper

So i had a good read of this today while on the crapper:

and from what i gather i should be doing higher reps on lower body and lower reps on upper?

As a natural lifter i’m currently doing Eric Helmes Hypertrophy Routine for Intermediates which i am seeing an increase in size with but this has main lifts at 6-8 reps and accessory ones at 10-12.

Anyone changing their routines to focus on lower body higher reps and dropping on the lower reps and the reverse on the upper body?


This is nothing new the notion of using different rep ranges depending on the body part is decades old.

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I was curious why nearly every upper/ lower programme i see has the same rep ranges though for upper and lower. It either works best or it doesn’t.

Do you use different rep ranges? Just wondering if i should amend the programme or not.

You shouldn’t change a program you’re seeing progress with bc you read an article. Keep doing what you’re doing until it doesn’t work anymore. And about the article most people that I’ve seen do the opposite. Imo the reason is bc no one wants to do high rep squats bc it’s fucking tough. And everyone likes a pump in their pecs. But if you notice some of hardcore raw guys do high rep lower body work. For example wendler and his “widowmakers”. So there’s probably some truth to it, but not something I’d get all hung up on and change my program for.

Well part of it is individuality… In all reality rep range is only part of the picture. With intensity and total work load playing a role

I use various rep ranges depending on the lift and my goal. If you mean do I ever use higher reps say for squats. On a occasion I might program in a back off set for higher rep to sneak in more work volume.

Not if your seeing progress .

I read enough of that to see that they did high intensity training on upper body and lower intensity work on lower body.

Is it really a surprise that their upper body lifts improved? It seems to me that they prioritized one part of their training and it worked. Weird.

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